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Traventure / Kefalonia


Kefalonia is the largest and most mountainous of the Ionian islands and the third most populous after Corfu and Zakynthos.

Located by the entrance to the Gulf of Patras, south of Lefkada and west of Ithaca. The island has an area of about 734,014square kilometers and its population is about 35,801. Much of the area is occupied by Mount Ainos, which rises to an altitude of 1608 meters above sea level.

The coasts of Cephalonia is formed by numerous bays and gulfs. The most important bays are those of Sami, Myrtos and Argostoli. On the Ionian Sea side of the island, the coasts are generally rocky and steep, while they are much less so the east side of the island.
Of particular interest are the caves of Drogarati with its impressive stalagmites where concerts are so acoustically pure as well as the lake region of Melissani with breathtaking gradients of blues.

Myrtos Beach

The beach of Myrtos on the northwest side of the island was elected as the best Greek beach 11 times according to the annual vote of the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

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