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Traventure / Zakynthos


The town of Zakynthos and the capital of the island is built on the east part of the island, at the foot of the Bochalis hill.

It is a modern town built after the earthquake of 1953, where it has expanded, shaped and improved over the last few years in order to cover the ever increasing activities in the tourist and cultural sector.
The population of Zakynthos town reaches 12,000 and is the second largest town in the Ionian Islands.

In the town of Zakynthos there are many impressive churches, most notably that of Saint Dionysios, the patron saint of the island, where the sanctuary is preserved. The towering bell tower and the plethora of artwork, pictures and frescoes inside the church are really impressive.

Στη γραφική συνοικία της Μπόχαλης με τα πλακόστρωτα δρομάκια, τις λουλουδιασμένες αυλές και τα καταστήματα με τις παραδοσιακές καντάδες πραγματικά θα μαγευτείτε.

Enetic Castle

In the picturesque neighborhood of Bochalis with its cobbled streets, flower-filled courtyards and the restaurants with their traditional songs you will truly be enchanted. A visit to the Venetian castle is a must and the pine forest surrounding it. Even before you ascend to Bohali, take a walk through the hill of Strani where our national poet Dionysios Solomos, was inspired to compose the national anthem.

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