Turtle Island Caves

On this trip, you are able to explore both of the beaches of the Turtle Island.

Starting at the back side of the island which has a pebble beach and three caves with easy access where you can explore them while swimming.

Turtle Spotting

The observation of the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta will take place in Laganas bay which is its natural habitat and it is being protected by Zakynthos National Marine Park. For the interested visitors among you, this offers a unique opportunity to observe and take photos of these beautiful animals. It’s important during the observation of the sea turtle ‘Caretta-Caretta’ to respect the rules that the National Marine Park has set.

Παραλία Ωοτοκίας

Your last stop on this excursion will be on the sandy beach (nesting area of the turtles) on the front side of the island where we give you the option to stay as long as you want just by informing our company.

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